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Here are Some of the Services We Provide:
Suburban House

We can maintain the beauty of your property year-round.
• Tree Covering

• Dead Heading Flowers
• Leaf Removal
• Tree Trimming

• Drain Sprinkler Lines


We can help you redesign your back yard, front yard, retaining walls, patios, grass & sod, garden designs, edging — to name just several of our landscape services.


Our flower pot design & maintenance will turn any part of your property into an oasis of beauty. 


Our organic insect treatment is an effective tool in controlling ticks, fleas and mosquitoes while not harming the beneficial insects like Butterflies and Honey Bees!


Our lawn application service follows a year-round plan that ensures a healthy, beautiful lawn through all seasons.

• Clearing driveways.

• Clearing front walkways.

• Using deicing products.

• Shoveling snow from roofs. 

House Watching
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